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 21 reviews
Do not delay

The longer I have been under Devina's care, the more I want to tell everyone how wonderful she is! Devina is an amazing woman, with an intuitive spirit. She really knows what she is talking about, is familiar with all the products that will help, and does not mind answering redundant questions from people like me who can be a bit overwhelmed with all the healthy lifestyle products. I wish I had come to Devina 2 years ago. Please do not delay getting help you need from someone you can trust- Devina is that person.

instant connection

I am a regenerative detox coach & have a good base for what her expertise is . The moment i met her i felt like we were family . her analysis was able to show the regeneration i have accomplished thus far & i will continue to use her services to track my progress . I have already recommended her !


I could not agree more with the other fabulous reviews! The time she spent with me, her detailed report, and compassion are superb. Many thanks for Devina! Highly recommend!

Thank you!

Thank you Devina for your ministry. It has made a difference in my life.


Our session went great. She was very personal and caring. She listen to my concerns after analyzing my iris. I am very grateful for meeting her. Thank you!

Spot on!

Very good! She took one look at my eyes and knew my problem before I told her what it was. She listened to me and answered all my questions. I would recommend her.

Wealth of knowledge!

I'm so grateful for all you have shown me. I just want you to know that I'm listening, just wish I had done so sooner.
Thank you!

Very Knowledgable

I learned a lot from the 1 hour session. She was very good and knowledgeable. I would refer Devina to anyone who needs a step by step health protocol.

by jessyca clement on Nutrition Wellness Solutions

Devina is truly a nutritional guru and a kind heart. Any abnormality you are having with your body, she can get to the root of. She asks questions, is always willing to answer questions and is so motivating which is really what a person needs when they are going through a healing process. I actually feel more comfortable telling Devina my health issues then I do my Dr. She truly has gone above and beyond with her care for my health. I really feel like she is trying to set me up for success. I feel like she wants me to learn how to become a healthier person, not just that she wants me to be healthier so long as she is guiding me. It may sound a bit cheesy but when i get tired of trying to get better, i replay her voice in my mind telling me that i WILL heal, and it really helps. Thank you thank you thank you Devina 🙂

Extremely knowledgable

Devina has been helpful to me in numerous ways. I met her at a health food store in Atlanta. I was having a very painful health issue. She told me what to add to my raw juicing to nourish the affected area. She also recently took the time to talk with my high school senior, to share some insight into the world of natural medicine. So grateful to her!

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