Speaking Engagement

Add a Beneficial Educational Wholistic Health and Wellness Theme to Your Event!

Book Devina to Speak on TV, Radio or at your Event! Optional Iridology Analysis for your Guest at Your Event.

There are many people who do not need a miracle, but refreshing, and a balanced diet, exercise, and someone to give them good guidance towards whole health. Devina has taught whole health and healing to hundreds of people for over two decades. She is sought after for her gift of spiritual health insight that is invariably unique and profound. With a strong gift of teaching, she inspires and empowers others to overcome addictions, strongholds and health challenges using foods, spices, herbs, and a healthy living lifestyle specifically designed for healing.

Educational Fast Track Topics

  1. Alternative Medicine in Recovery From Opioid and Alcohol Addiction.
  2. Healing Organs (where to start first). 
  3. Cleansing Organs Detoxing the Body Safely
  4. Depression: Balancing the Mind and Body (stress, anxiety and fear). 
  5. Autoimmune Health Challenges (allergies, IBS and so on). 
  6. Immune System Health (lymphatics, peyers patches, appendix and so on). 
  7. Digestive Health (liver, pancreas, gallbladder and so on). 
  8. Nervous System Health (brain, nerves, eyes). 
  9. Muscle and Bone Health (including skin and teeth). 
  10. Mental Focus (memory, circulation, fatigue and so on). 
  11. Circulatory Health (heart, veins, bloodstream and so on). 
  12. Urinary Health (kidneys, bladder).
  13. Your Gifts, Talents and Traits via Iridology.
  14. Rebuilding, Restoring and Recovering the Temple of God.
  15. Controlling the Effects of Stress and Anxiety inside the Body.
  16. Destroying Strongholds, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.
  17. Whole Health, Strength to the Weary.
  18. Stimulate Healing for Immunity Challenges.

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